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UArena is an innovative service, offering unlimited downloads of premium apps and games in a fixed low price. With this subscription model, you have access to hundreds of apps, to enjoy as you please. We provide only the best apps of all categories: Games, Kids, Tools, Health, Education, Photography and more.

Users can visit the portal at

Price points

There are three product variants of the UArena Apps club.

Price PKR Validity
Daily 10 1 day
Weekly 50 7 days
Monthly 200 30 days

How do I pay for the service?
If a subscription plan offers a free trial period, no charges will apply till the free trial is over. After that, at each due date, the subscription fee will be automatically deducted from your phone credit if you’re a prepaid client. If you’re a postpaid client, the subscription fee will be added to your invoice.

When I uninstall UArena, will the service also be automatically cancelled?
No. If you uninstall UArena you just won’t be able to download apps from our service.

When I cancel my subscription, can I still use the apps I had downloaded?
No. The apps are linked to your subscription, so when you cancel the service, those apps will be blocked. However, your data will be stored for 2 months after the cancellation. If you have cancelled the subscription and want to use your downloaded apps, just subscribe for the service again.

What are the advantages of subscribing to UArena?
By subscribing to UArena, you have the best apps in the market in a fixed low price with no extra charges, no ads or inappropriate content. You can also enjoy this benefits with in-app items unblocked for a better experience.

Can I download as many apps as I like?
Yes. If you have a valid subscription, you can download as many apps and games as you please.

How do I recognize the apps downloaded through UArena?
Every app downloaded through UArena comes with a little visual mark (badge) on its icon, so you won’t be confused with the apps downloaded from other sources.

How do I update UArena?
UArena is in continuous improvement and you’ll be notified whenever there’s a newer version. The update will be available in the Menu Area’s About section.

Does downloading apps from UArena require an internet connection?
Yes. You must have a internet connection, be it any type, to start downloads. We always recommend a Wi-fi connection for speedy downloads– specially for files above 15 MB. If you don’t have a mobile data plan, check the costs with your mobile operator before using UArena.

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