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VoLTE, or Voice over Long-Term Evolution, is a cutting-edge technology that enables high-quality voice calls over 4G LTE networks. Unlike traditional calls that rely on 2G or 3G, VoLTE uses faster data connections, providing crystal-clear sound and faster call setup times. With VoLTE, consumers can experience improved call clarity, reduced background noise, and enhanced reliability, ensuring more natural and pleasant conversations. Additionally, VoLTE facilitates quicker call connections, allowing users to stay connected with friends and family without any delay. Embracing VoLTE on your device enhances your overall calling experience, making it the preferred choice for modern voice communication. Say goodbye to the old, and welcome clearer and smoother calls with VoLTE!


    • Improved call quality
    • Faster call setup
    • Simultaneous voice and data

Supported Handset list

Explore VoLTE compatible phones. Select your manufacturer to see the list.

How VoLTE is different from standard GSM Call?
When you are connected to a 4G network, your phone will typically fall back to a 2G or 3G network for voice calls. This is because 4G networks are not optimized for voice calls. However, VoLTE calls are made over the 4G network, which results in shorter call times and improved voice quality.

Will there be any additional charges for using VoLTE Services?
There are no additional charges for using VoLT.

Who can avail VoLTE Services?
VoLTE will be enabled automatically for any 4G user with a VoLTE-supported handset.

Does VoLTE support all technologies?
VoLTE will use the 4G network whenever possible. If the 4G network is not available, VoLTE will fall back to the 2G or 3G network

Does VoLTE services automatically gets configured on VoLTE supported Handsets?
VoLTE needs to be enabled in handset’s settings (Settings > Mobile Networks > VoLTE) and provisioned from the network side

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