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Device installment plan with Kistpay

The following are the policy, coverage and redemption process details for Takaful Coverage offered as a part of your Smartphone/Device purchase from Kistpay Private Limited on Financing.

Scope of Cover

Smartphones, Tablets & other similar devices Takaful coverage covers the loss resulting / arising out of theft due to violent means / or armed hold up

Devices and Installment plans

Xiaomi Note 11
Rs. 54,999

ROM: 128GB

More specifications

Installment period 3 months 6 months
Down payment(%) 50% 50%
Total upfront Rs. 30,524 Rs. 31,624
Monthly installment Rs. 10,541 Rs. 5,958

Samsung A04

ROM: 128GB
Rs.  37,500

ROM: 128GB
Rs. 42,999

More specifications

Installment period 3 months 6 months
Samsung A04 3GB                         A04 4GB A04 3GB                         A04 4GB
Down payment(%) 50%                                 50% 50%                                 50%
Total upfront Rs. 20,813                       Rs.  23,864 Rs. 21,563                       Rs.  24,724
Monthly installment Rs. 7,188                          Rs. 8,241 Rs. 4,063                        Rs. 4,658

Samsung A14

ROM: 128GB
Rs. 62,999

ROM: 128GB
Rs. 64,999

More specifications

Installment period 3 months 6 months
Samsung A14 4GB                        A14 6GB A14 4GB                        A14 6GB
Down payment(%) 50%                                 50% 50%                                 50%
Total upfront Rs. 35,594                      Rs.  36,724 Rs. 36,854                      Rs.  38,024
Monthly installment Rs. 12,075                       Rs. 12,458 Rs. 6,825                        Rs. 7,042

Nokia C31

ROM: 128GB
PKR 33,999

More specifications

Installment period 3 months 6 months
Down payment(%) 50% 50%
Total upfront Rs. 18,869 Rs. 19,549
Monthly installment Rs. 6,516 Rs. 3,683


Only Ufone prepaid/postpaid users can avail this offer.
Customers can avail this plan by visiting Ufone sales and service center

  • The customer agrees to purchase from Kistpay Private Limited, a specific Smartphone(s) selected from the available models on a mutually agreed price on an installment basis.
  • The customer hereby undertakes to furnish all documents required by Kistpay Private Limited for the processing of loan application.
  • The customer declares that all the information given in the application form is correct and complete to the best of his/her knowledge.
  • The customer also hereby authorizes Kistpay Private Limited or its duly appointed agents to contact and use the information of residence, work, and or reference, and to verify any information provided in this application for the purpose of Device financing which is protected by the Device Lock Technology.
  • Kistpay Device Lock Technology is the capability to lock the smartphone device in case the customer fails to pay installment as per the due date mentioned in the payment schedule.
  • The customer hereby authorizes Kistpay to obtain and verify their information from any credit bureau, agent, bank, financial institution, company, and market for the purpose of credit verification during the application process and at any time during the life of financing as and when required.
  • Kistpay Private Limited reserves the right to accept/reject the Smartphone(s) installment application.
  • The customer agrees and understands that the financed device is the property of Kistpay Private Limited until full and final payment has been received by Kistpay Private Limited and the device IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity Number) is released from the Device Lock Application.
  • Once the loan application is approved, to complete the process the customer is required to make a downpayment as per agreed payment plan.
  • Customer’s original CNIC along with a copy will be required as proof of identification at the time of delivery.
  • Down payment and monthly installments will be made as per the designated process via available payment methods.
  • Delivery of the product will be subject to availability of stock, and prices are subject to change without notice till the sale of those Smartphone(s). If the desired color is not available, the customer will have to choose from the available color options.
  • Loan tenure is as per the Loan Payment Schedule.
  • In case of any default on the payment of installment(s), the smartphone (hereinafter referred to as “device”) will be declared as “Stolen”. Kistpay reserves the right to take action including blocking of the mobile phone across all cellular mobile networks for communication.
  • The customer also agrees to register and subscribe to Kistpay Anti-theft – A smartphone security and tracking service which blocks the handset from registering on a cellular mobile network upon being lost or stolen.
  • The customer agrees to avail Smartphone Takaful Insurance which is compulsory with financing via Kistpay.
  • Insurance payment to be collected one time in full (as per the insurance rate mentioned on the website/ loan application) along with the down payment.
  • In case the device is lost/stolen, Roznamcha is required for insurance claim for device priced up to PKR 20,000 and proper FIR is required for insurance claim above the given price.
  • Insurance claim will be settled as per the Takaful insurance company policy of Kistpay Private Limited on behalf of the customer and Kistpay will settle to customer after deducting/settling its dues. Insurance terms and conditions are mentioned in the customer Insurance policy document.
  • Prices of Smartphone(s) are subject to change without any prior notice.
  • Warranty coverage will be available as per the terms and conditions mentioned on the warranty card.
  • The customer agrees and understands that the financed device will be blocked via device lock program/feature as well as from registering on a cellular mobile phone network if the loan or any installment payment is not made on time. The customer will get a 2 days grace period from the due date to clear the payment. In case the customer still does not make the payment the device will be locked. Once the installment(s) is/are paid, the device will be unlocked.
  • If the customer is unable to repay the loan/installments in any way, his/her name will be reported to credit bureaus. Furthermore, Kistpay Private Limited reserves the right to initiate any legal action against this default. The customer can make the payment via provided payment options within the app. In case the phone is locked the customer will have the option to make payment via the Kistpay App;
    Customer will click on the ‘make payment’ button shown at the top of the screen in the Kistpay App.
    A pop-up will be displayed on screen containing the Bill ID.
    Customer will use that Bill ID to make payment via available payment method.
    Once the payment is made, device is unlocked in real time.
  • The customer understands that if he/she is unable to repay the installments, to refrain from default can submit the device to Kistpay which in turn can be sold to recover the financing amount in full.
  • If the customer bricks the device (The word “brick“, when used in reference to consumer electronics, describes an electronic device such as a mobile phone, due to severe physical damage, a serious misconfiguration and misuse, corrupted firmware, or a hardware problem, can no longer function; hence, it becomes as technologically useful as a brick), while trying to bypass Kistpay App using methods including but not limited to rooting the device, the customer will be held responsible for damage to the device caused by such actions and their loan shall become immediately payable to Kistpay and he/she will not be entitled to avail any further loans from Kistpay.
  • f during the term of the financing, the device is stolen, lost, or damaged beyond repair, I will still be liable to pay the remaining installments.
  • The warranty terms and its coverage are as mentioned in the warranty card of the smartphone.
  • Customers need to visit authorized service centers for all warranty claims.
  • Any complaint about quality of device(s) purchased or services rendered by the supplier shall not affect customer’s obligation to continue paying the monthly installments to Kistpay Private Limited.
  • The sale is strictly on an “as is where is” basis, without any responsibility on the part of Kistpay for any defect therein and without any warranty relating to the condition or suitability or efficacy of the device(s) whether such warranty is expressed or implied by law or recognized by custom.
  • In case of applying for refund, the service fee and processing fee (if charged initially) will be deducted from the paid amount.
  • Refund will only be applicable if the smartphone is returned within 3 working days from the date of receiving the device.
  • The device should be sealed/wrapped in its original condition with package seal intact for refund processing. Under no circumstance will the refund be processed/given if the device’s package seal is broken/tampered/unwrapped in any way. Kistpay Private Limited reserves the right to reject the processing of refund. Kistpay’s decision will be final and binding.
  • If refund is approved, the amount (after all deductions where applicable) will be processed into customers designated bank account/digital wallet within 15 working days from date of refund request initiation.
  • The customer can at any point in time pay off the full loan amount.
  • The customer hereby undertakes that, as of today, none of his/her immediate relatives or family members is employed by or associated with Kistpay Private Limited. The customer would provide details to Kistpay in case any of his/her family members/relatives are associated with Kistpay Private Limited.
  • Ufone/PTML’s role is to offer its customers Kistpay modified cellular phone handsets built with Kistpay Handset Locking Mechanism and shall provide relevant assistance for the sale of cell phones/handsets.
  • Kistpay and the customer hereby agree and warrant to indemnify Ufone/PTML, its officers, directors, shareholders, predecessors, successors in interest, employees, agents, Related Companies and affiliates for any and all claims under these terms and conditions, including but not limited to ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, OR ANY LOSS OF PROFITS OR REVENUES, WHETHER INCURRED DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, OR ANY LOSS OF DATA, USE, GOOD-WILL, OR OTHER INTANGIBLE LOSSES and further agree to hold Ufone/PTML harmless under any and all claims of any nature.
    021-111-111-222 (Whatsapp/Call)
    09:30 AM to 5:30 PM
    Monday to Friday

The following are the policy, coverage, and redemption process details for the Takaful Coverage offered as a part of your Smartphone/Device purchase from Kistpay Private Limited through Financing.
Scope of Cover: The Takaful coverage for smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices covers losses resulting from theft due to violent means or armed hold-up.
Insurance Policy Details:

The customer must call the CPLC helpline at (021) 35682222 and report the stolen device immediately. The CPLC will provide a complaint number, which the customer must email or WhatsApp to Kistpay.

The customer must then call the Kistpay helpline at 111-111-222 to report the stolen phone and provide the complaint number.

To process the claim, the customer must register an FIR and provide the following documents:

● Completed, signed, and thumb-printed Takaful Claim form (to be provided)
● CNIC copy
● Police report
● Warranty card
● Sales invoice/receipt
● Evidence of financing
● All original accessories (including the box)
*The customer must carefully retain all warranty cards, invoices, and accessories.*

Upon submission of all the required documents, the insurance company will process the claim and settle the payment with Kistpay Private Limited within 2 weeks. In case of a benefit request, the loss will be settled on the depreciated sum covered or the market value of the mobile phone at the time of loss, whichever is lower. Once subscribed, the coverage is non-cancellable under the scheme.

The insurance does not cover:

● Mysterious and unexplainable disappearance
● Unverifiable accidents
● Pickpocketing
● Willful negligence
● Theft from an unattended vehicle
● Data loss and software malfunction
● Consequential loss and legal liability of any description
● Design defects, perils covered under warranty, and manufacturer defects
● War or civil war
● Nuclear, chemical, and biological risk
● Accidental damage, terrorism, and sabotage risk while being the responsibility of the Proposer/Affinity Partner/Courier
● Loss of mobile devices due to the involvement of any employee or security guard of the proposer or the courier service

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