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Data : 4GB Internet (1GB Facebook
and 1GB WhatsApp),
On-Net Mins : 1000
Dial : *1000# to Subscribe
Price : 250

Super Card Plus

Double Offer

Data: 6000 MB, 5GB Facebook,
2GB WhatsApp, U-U Mins 4000,
Off-Net Mins: 450, SMS 8400,
Validity : 30 days
Price : 699


Data: 6 GB (1.5 GB FB + 1.5 GB WA),
U-U Minutes: 1500,
Off-Net Minutes: 20, SMS: 500,
Validity: 7 Days,
Dial : *1000# to Subscribe,
Price: Rs. 200

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 Advance Options
Special numbers at discounted price, Get 1000 MB extra along with Super Card double offer or New SIM Offer!

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Track your SIM

Enter the Tracking Code/Mobile number to view the status of the ordered SIM. Please note that it can take up to 6 Hours after confirmation before details of the order appear.


  • Re. 1+tax will be charged every time number is verified through *0000#
  • A booked number will have to be collected within 5 days of booking from any Ufone Service Center or Franchise. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the booking.
  • While purchasing a Ufone SIM, the customer must present original, valid CNIC.
  • The price of purchasing including taxes will have to be paid by the customer.
  • This offer is for all Ufone (Prepaid & Postpay) customers
  • Booking a number depends on the availability of stock.
  • Rs. 50/- additional charges will be applicable to any number issued against this offer; in addition, SIM price, advanced line rent, security deposit will be charged as per standard.
  • No charges apply on finding/booking number on Ufone’s website.
  • Customers from other networks can also visit Ufone’s website to book a number.
  • Ufone reserves the right to change or cancel the offer.
  • Terms & Conditions apply.
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