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Ufone LTE/4G Quality Service

Switch to a better internet experience with Ufone LTE/4G quality service.
Dial *4# to check your compatibility and readiness to use Ufone LTE/4G quality service, if you have:
1. Ufone LTE/4G enabled SIM
2. LTE/4G compatible handset
3. Ufone LTE/4G quality service’ coverage in your area
Please follow the tutorials below to change your handset settings.

Enable LTE/4G on Samsung

Enable LTE/4G on Android

Enable LTE/4G on iOS


I don’t have a Ufone LTE/4G enabled SIM
Please visit your nearest Retailer, Customer Service Center, Franchise or Ushop for replacing old SIM with LTE/4G enabled SIM.

I don’t have a LTE/4G compatible handset
Please upgrade to a LTE/4G compatible device

I’m not in the coverage area
Ufone always focuses on better customer experience and is working on the expansion of LTE/4G quality service’ all over Pakistan. Please keep checking the coverage map to stay updated.

Why I am being charged on 4G/LTE when my mobile data is turned off? What should I do?
Inherent to 4G/LTE technology, the data connection of 4G/LTE subscriber remains established despite data settings being switched off from the handset. However, a very limited volume of internet is consumed in such a case. So, it is suggested to change network settings to 2G/3G from the handset when turning OFF Mobile Data.

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