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Making a Difference

Ufone has proven itself to be far from ordinary.
“When it comes to making a difference…,
With an array of packages, unbelievably affordable rates and a spectacular voice quality, Ufone has always strived to provide you with immaculate services that remain unmatched.
You don’t want to end up shouting at the phone to get your voice across, or have it glued to your ear so hard that it turns red to actually understand what is being said. With Ufone, you get the instant connection and superb voice clarity which eliminates all sore throats and throbbing red ears.
So forget the string of ‘Hellos’ and get your message across without any hassle or distortion with Ufone’s incredible network offering crisp and clear voice quality.
If you don’t have a Ufone connection, you can dial 033 1236 1236 and switch to Ufone’s network from the convenience of your home.
Start enjoying Ufone’s clear voice quality and keep your voice alive and ear drums intact.

Contact Us
  • Helpline (From Ufone): 333
  • Tel: 033-11-333-100
  • Email: customercare@ufone.com
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