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Life Insurance

Ufone collaborates with MicroEnsure to bring financial security to your loved ones when they need the most. Life insurance provides coverage in case of unfortunate death.

Plans VAS Name Daily Death Benefit (PKR)
Premium (PKR) in subsequent calendar month
1 Life Insurance-Basic 2.5 100,000
2 Life Insurance-Silver 5 200,000
3 Life Insurance-Gold 7.5 300,000
4 Life Insurance-Diamond 10 400,000

Life Insurance subscription is simple. Enter your number in the box below and you will be contacted by our representative from this number 021-33129298 & 021-33129288.

    The representative will explain the product details with you and walk you through the registration process.
    Once registered with the plan of customer’s choosing, the daily subscription fee will be automatically deducted from the mobile balance.

    To unsubscribe Life Insurance dial *6070#, go to option …….., ‘Customer Support’ and select ‘Un-Subscription’. Once successful, customer will be notified through SMS.

    To unsubscribe Hospital Cash, Call 021-111992232

    Also use the below link for unsubscribe the hospital Cash

    Customers will get OTP before confirming the cancellation.

    • The Life Insurance products are available to all Ufone customers upon payment of prescribed subscription fee
    • Customers must pay subscription fees to be eligible to avail protection plans
    • The products are developed by MicroEnsure Pakistan (Private) Limited who is also providing distribution and administrative services under this arrangement
    • The insurance benefit offered under Personal Accidental plans will be governed by the terms and conditions contained in the group policy issued by registered insurance companies in Pakistan. The insurance cover provided in the products is underwritten by Habib Insurance Company Limited who will be responsible for payment of valid claims under the insurance benefit
    • Ufone is only facilitating the offer and should not be construed as distributing these products and is not responsible for any benefits promised therein
    • By subscribing, a customer authorizes Ufone to share his/her details available with Ufone to the parties providing these products. The subscriber agrees and acknowledges that he or his legal heirs shall not hold Ufone responsible for any consequences of sharing such information.
    • The terms of the products including subscription fee can be amended or the products can be withdrawn by the supplier parties at any time and in such an event subscribers shall be informed through an SMS or any other manner as agreed between the parties
    • All subscribers shall be informed through an SMS or any other manner as agreed between the parties

    In case of any insured loss, you or any of your family members can notify through one of these methods. Call helpline 021-111-992-232 Please note that you or your family members must notify a claim within ninety (90) days of occurrence of the insured loss and failure to do so can affect claim approval.

    In case of any insured loss, claimant can notify through one of these methods.
    1. Call MicroEnsure helpline 021-111-992-232.
    2. Call Ufone helpline 333
    3. Send an email at
    Claim notification must be submitted within ninety (90) days of occurrence of the insured loss and failure to do so can affect claim

    Who can avail Life Insurance?
    Subscribers of Ufone who are Pakistani nationals and aged minimum eighteen (18) years can avail life Insurance upon payment of applicable subscription fee. There is no maximum age limit for registering under Life Insurance
    what are the limits against various coverages?
    Life Insurance offers generous limits as stated below:

    Plans VAS Name Daily Death Benefit (PKR)
    Premium (PKR) in subsequent calendar month
    1 Life Insurance-Basic 2.5 100,000
    2 Life Insurance-Silver 5 200,000
    3 Life Insurance-Gold 7.5 300,000
    4 Life Insurance-Diamond 10 400,000

    What if my airtime balance is insufficient to pay for full month’s subscription fee?
    We have taken care of that scenario and in such case, you will be offered prorated benefit as per the following formula under daily recursive charging:
    Total daily subscriptions collected during one calendar month X maximum benefit
    Total daily subscription due during one calendar month can understand using this simple formula with the help of an example:
    Suppose you have selected Gold package where daily subscription fee is PKR 7.5. In order to avail maximum benefit of PKR 300,000, you have to pay PKR 225 during the calendar month. Now assume that you could pay only PKR 75 during a calendar month, your coverage will be PKR 100,000 as explained below:
    (75) x 300,000 = 100,000
    Under monthly non-recursive charging you must pay full subscription fee to receive cover.
    How can I avail Life Insurance?
    The process is very simple. You will get a call from our representative who will tell you about the product features and will assist in registration process. Once your registration is activated on Ufone systems, the charging will start and your coverage will be active. Rest assured, you will be getting SMS notifications at each step.
    When will cover start and what will be the term of the cover?
    In daily recursive charging, benefit amount will be calculated on the basis of subscription fee collected from you in a calendar month and cover will start from first day of the following calendar month.
    In monthly non-recursive charging, you will have to pay full subscription fee in lump sum and your coverage will commence upon payment.
    How to claim under Life Insurance?
    Following documents must be provided within ninety (90) days of the date of occurrence of insured loss through the process explained below:
    a) Insured subscriber CNIC
    b) Claimant/beneficiary CNIC
    c) Heirship certificate to establish claimant title if no beneficiary was designated by the insured subscriber
    d) Guardianship certificate if the beneficiary is minor
    e) Police FIR (if applicable)
    f) Death certificate issued by authorized government body
    g) Post-mortem report (if available)

    Who will be paid the Claim?
    Loss of Life Claims:
    The claim will be paid to your family member who submits heirship certificate issued by authorized government body. However, if you designated a beneficiary after registration into the product, through verbal instructions at customer services touch points mentioned here, claim will be payable to the beneficiary so designated by you.
    When will the claim be paid? How will the claim be paid?
    All valid claims will be paid within five (5) working days upon completion of all required documents. Claim will be paid by issuing a crossed cheque drawn in favor of the claimant, mobile money or any other medium as agreed between parties from time to time.
    In what circumstances my claim will not be paid?
    The claim will not be paid in the event of the following:
    a) Suicide, self-destruction or self-inflicted injury, while sane or insane, or any attempt there at; under the influence of contraband drugs/drinks
    b) Natural catastrophes, War, declared or undeclared, or any act of war or insurrection, or as a result of a strike, riot, civil commotion
    c) The commission or attempted commission of an act which would subject the person to civil or criminal penalties, or the contravention of any law
    d) Filing of a fake claim
    e) In the event of non-payment of premium and non-availability of cover in the month when the loss has occurred
    Under what conditions my subscription under Life Insurance will be terminated?
    a) Cessation of Life Insurance by any reason whatsoever
    b) Upon payment of any claim
    c) Insured subscriber ceases to be a Ufone subscriber
    d) Your decision not to continue with the product and communication of that to us using the customer service touch points
    e) Continuous non-payment of subscription fee
    f) Filing of fake claims

    Where can I contact in case of questions, enquiries or complaints?
    1- Call helpline 021-111-992-232.
    2- Call Ufone helpline 333
    3- Send an email at

    I have multiple SIMs of Ufone, can I avail more than one Life Insurance subscriptions?
    No, only one subscription is allowed per CNIC.

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