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Anti Fraud

For us at Ufone, our customers take precedence! That’s why we make sure that when we make any commitment with U, we see it through and the promise we make is not just fulfilled but it is also ensured that U face no loss whatsoever.
Ufone would like to bring to your attention that amidst all the offers and schemes through which U can win a prize, some fraudulent individuals indulge in activities that may cause financial or other harm. We urge U to ensure all of the following when you receive a call about winning a prize:

  • Call is received only from 333
  • No unimportant information is asked
  • No balance, load or cash is asked in return of the prize won
  • Call back on 333 to confirm the news of winning
  • Please be aware that hackers use false identification to steal your information. Please do not fall for scam calls & SMS for gifts or money and avoid responding or sharing your personal information

So spread the word and make sure that U are safe from being tricked into any loss.

Contact Us
  • Helpline (From Ufone): 333
  • Tel: 033-11-333-100
  • Email: customercare@ufone.com
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