Order FulFilment and Tracking

Order Fulfilment & Tracking

Our Order Fulfillment & Tracking service can be linked to our clients’ branches, helping them keep track of all their riders.

Order Fulfillment
& Tracking

We offer our clients cloud-based order fulfillment and tracking services that can be linked with any number of branches and stores, while keeping track of their riders. Our solution supports disparate warehousing processes, separate product groups, and the needs of different sectors within a single unified platform.
The client can receive customer orders from multiple customer touch points, be it calls, website or mobile applications. It is designed to facilitate the process from warehouse receipt to shipment. Since our solution supports multi-site businesses, the real-time data can be used to dispatch and track the nearest rider to the desired location.
Integrating our location tracking with all this gives the business full control over deliveries by connecting managers, riders and customers. Most of all, our Order Fulfillment & Tracking solution will help you simplify the work flow, fulfill orders faster, and gain customer trust.

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