Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Our Quality Management Services enable clients to maintain quality in day-to-day procedures, create benchmarks, and develop step-by-step processes that ensure compliance with international standards.

Quality Management

ISO 9001:2015 Implementation

We offer a wide diffusion of ISO 9001:2015 framework implementation, consultancy and guidance to our clients, especially in extensively covered areas such as:

Training and awareness
sessions on ISO 9001:2015
Reviewing client’s existing
systems and processes
(Gap Analysis)
Risk assessment and
Planning for controls to
ensure types and levels of
missing controls to be
Development and
configuration of
state-of-the-art Quality
Management System Tools
Verification of system
implementation for clients
(Internal Audit Analytics)
Assisting clients during
certification audits by an
external auditing party

QMS Consultancy

Our QMS Consultancy service enables
clients to formulate a structured quality
management system approach, leading
to greater efficiency for the business
and improved access to new markets.

SOP Development

We assist clients with the development,
re-engineering and circulation of end
-to-end processes which are easily
accessible, understandable, and
consistent through all channels. Our SOP
Development services include end-to-
end level mapping of processes and
formatting SOPs to the client’s template
and organizational structure.

Business Process Re-engineering

We enable clients to re-engineer their
processes, thereby improving customer
service, increasing revenue, cutting
operational costs and driving
competitive advantage. Our staged
approach helps clients understand and
improve their processes in both the
short and long term.

KPI Development

Our KPI consulting services are designed to make our clients confident in their KPIs, Dashboard, Balanced Scorecard, and Strategy Implementation. Our services are tailored to each client’s unique needs and address issues like:

Developing meaningful
Evaluating and improving
existing KPIs
Ensuring that cascaded
objectives and KPIs are
aligned with strategy
Ensuring that performance
management meetings
remain strategy-focused
Designing dashboards and
reports to enable data
-driven decision making

Business Continual Process Improvement

We offer deep experience and expertise in continuous process improvement, cost reduction, and performance optimization. We support all dimensions of a continuous process improvement program, including:

Establishment of
appropriate qualitative and
quantitative performance

Process benchmarking

Root cause analysis to
identify the source of

Process redesign and

Change Management

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