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SMS Backup

Some messages are worth saving ...

You know those messages that just mean so much and you never want to lose them? Well, you can keep them now for as long as you want. Ufone introduces the SMS Backup. With this unique service you don’t have to fear losing your important SMSs anymore.

Ufone SMS Backup is a simple and effective way to save your messages. Simply create an SMS Backup account by sending SUB 3738 or forwarding the SMS you want to save to 3738 for Rs. 0.01+Tax/SMS. After subscribing you will get a password through which you can login to your SMS Backup account on http://smsbackup.ufone.com. All your backed up SMS can be viewed on your web account.

You can also unsubscribe the service by sending “unsub” to 3738.


  • Prepaid users will be charged Rs.5+tax/week (Postpaid: Rs.20+tax/month)
  • Each SMS to shortcode 3839 will be charged @ Rs.0.00

Terms & Conditions:

  • This service is available to all Ufone Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers.
  • Upon subscription, if the service is not utilized or paid for within 30 days, the account will automatically be suspended. The SMS Backup will, thereafter, be kept in the database for 15 days within which period, if the service is not resumed, the said backup will be removed from the database. Users shall be solely responsible for maintaining the security of their password and account information.
  • Ufone shall not be responsible for any error, outage, disruption or interruption in the service, the ownership, authenticity, legality, accuracy, intellectual property rights and copy rights in regards to the content stored in the database by the user.
  • In Islamabad, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA an additional 0.84% will be charged on all services and packages.
  • 19.5% FED on usage and other taxes on bill/recharge apply.
  • In Islamabad, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA 18.5% FED and other taxes on bill/recharge will apply.
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA