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Ufone Food Court – The hub of delicious cuisine.
Ufone has always paid special attention to you and your convenience. Our unbeatable offers, services and products are designed to be irresistible and now Ufone is launching another mouth-watering offer that will leave you asking for more!

Whether you are going out with friends or can’t decide where to eat or need to book a table, then no need to look any further than the Ufone Food Court as it satisfies all your cravings! The Ufone Food Court is an SMS and app-based service that will allow you to book a table at restaurant, order meals at amazing discounts, read and receive recipes, get diet plans or buy hot deals on a variety of meals.

All you have to do is simply opt in to the service by sending ‘SUB’ to 7046 absolutely free or download the app from Google Play and you will receive a list of categories offered, ranging from ‘Nearby Restaurants’ to ‘Hot Deals’ to ‘Top Restaurants’ to ‘Health & Fitness’ to ‘Recipes. Not only that, you can also avail discounted deals by sending an SMS to 7045 of the keyword of the chosen discount deal, you will then be informed about the price in just Re.1+tax.

It’s as simple as that! With all the major restaurants listed on this amazing app, your taste-buds will be thanking Ufone for a long time.

So download the Ufone Food Court App now and treat your taste buds to some delicious food!