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Group SMS
Ufone has always aimed to keep you updated with the most cutting-edge technology on offer and has constantly launched top-of –line offers, products and services to achieve that goal. In this process, Ufone has introduced countless industry-first services in Pakistan, cementing its reputation as the pioneer for exciting and useful value added services. Keeping this tradition alive and kicking, Ufone is unveiling its next industry-first service: Group SMS

The Group SMS is a stepping-stone towards quick communication between users/employees and businesses. The Group SMS is a USSD-based service, which will allow you to quickly and simply broadcast predefined messages to predefined groups. All you have to do is simply dial *767# and then select 1 to register for the service. Upon successful registration, you will be given a password. You will login with your user name, which will be a registered Ufone number and your password. Upon successful login, you will be given four options: you will be able to send Group SMS, manage your groups, manage your saved messages and manage your account. All this in just Rs. 2+tax/person/message.

So if you are a Ufone customer, simply avail the Group SMS offer today and stay connected to your team 24/7!