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General / UPaisa Mobile Account related Questions

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
In case of card theft or loss, immediately call 7777 to report the incident. The customer care representative will deactivate the card after carrying out the on-call verification process. You can then receive a replacement Debit card from any franchise, customer care center and designated Upaisa retailer by providing your identification and card replacement fee of Rs 200.

What will be the account number of UPaisa Mobile Account?
Customer's Ufone number plus one automatically generated check number (issued at the time of account opening) will be the account number for UPaisa Mobile Account.

Where can a customer get the UPaisa Mobile account opened from?
Customer can simply dial *60# to open his UPaisa Mobile Account. UPaisa Mobile Account can be opened at any nominated Account opening location e.g. Ufone Franchises, Ufone Service Centers and Ubank branches.

Who is eligible to be UPaisa Mobile Account holder?
For L – 1: Any customer with Ufone MSISDN registered in his/her name along with a valid CNIC can open UPaisa Mobile account
For L – 0: Any customer with Ufone MSISDN and a valid CNIC can open his/her UPaisa Mobile account.

What if the customer does not have Ufone SIM?
Customers can either port into Ufone or can buy a new Ufone connection. In both cases, UPaisa Mobile account will only be opened once the subscriber is registered on Ufone Network.

What is Cash Deposit?
Customer can deposit money in his/her UPaisa Mobile Account from the designated agent locations (Ufone Service Centers, Franchises and Retail Locations).

What is Cash Withdrawal?
Customer can withdraw cash from his/her UPaisa Mobile Accounts through any Ufone Service Center, Franchise and authorized retailer.

Can a person without aUPaisa Mobile account; transfer money to another non account holder?
Yes, customer can transfer funds to any account or non account holder through any Ufone Service Center, Franchises and authorized retailer by providing his own and receivers' CNIC & mobile number.

How can a customer (non account holder) send or receive money?
For Money Transfer, customer can visit any Ufone SC, Ufone Franchise or any authorized retailer with his/her valid CNIC to perform funds transfer transactions.

Can customer provide CNIC token (NADRA Token) at the time of Account opening?
Account can't be open without original CNIC

Can a customer open aUPaisa Mobile Account if his Ufone MSISDN is not registered in her/her name? Only L - 0 account can be opened against a Ufone MSISDN which is not registered in his/her name.

Can a customer have two accounts of different level at the same time on a single MSISDN?
No, customers cannot have two accounts at the same time.

Can a customer give any other proof of identity in case CNIC (receiver / depositor) is lost?
No, Original CNIC is a mandatory requirement in order to initiate or complete a transaction.

How can a customer (account holder) send or receive money?
For transactions, account holder will access his account by the following USSD string: *7632#

What type of Transactions could be done?
Below mentioned are the transaction types:

  • Utility Bill Payment (21 Companies)
  • Money Transfer:
    Mobile Account to Mobile Account
    Mobile Account to CNIC
  • Prepaid Topup (Ufone)
  • Postpaid Bill Payment (Ufone)
  • Mobile Account Balance Inquiry
  • Mobile Account Mini Statement

Lead generation process for customer UPaisa Mobile Account for call center

Call center can ask the customer to visit Ufone SC, Franchise with his/her active Ufone SIM and original CNIC to open his/her UPaisa Mobile Account.

Can a customer have 2 different accounts (on 2 different MSISDN) on a single CNIC?
No customer can only have one account his/her CNIC as the account limits are applied on the CNIC number.

Can an agent have one Agent account and one Customer Account?
Yes, agent can also have a normal L0 or L1 UPaisa Mobile Account on a different MSISDN.

For Utility Bill Payment if the due date is over then will the system display the updated amount with surcharge or not?
Yes, the amount will be updated in the system and overdue payment can be made with surcharges.

Will the customer be able to modify / change his UPaisa Mobile Pin via *7632#?

For how long UPaisa Mobile Account will be Active if Customer doesn't do any transaction?
No time/transaction limit applies on UPaisa Mobile Account to remain.

Customer can transfer top up to his own number or other numbers as well?
Any Ufone number can be topped up.

If the customers CNIC has expired after account opening, will he be able to make transactions against his account?

Retailers / Agent Related Question

What type of Transactions could I perform for the customers?
Below mentioned are the transaction types:

  • Account to CNIC (Customer will receive funds from an agent location)
  • CNIC to Account (Customer will send funds from an agent location)
  • CNIC to CNIC (Customers will send and receive from two different agent locations)
  • Prepaid Top Up Ufone Customers only)
  • Postpaid Bill Payment (Ufone Customers only)
  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Utility Bill Payment (21 companies)

Are there any transaction limits for Agents?
Agent Account has no restriction of transaction limit & Account balance

Is there any timeline in a day after which customer/ retailer cannot pay the bill?
No such time constraints apply.

What is the maximum amount which can be transferred against one CNIC in a month?
Rs. 15,000 per month.