Price Up's - Ufone 4G
Product New Price (load) Effective date
Haftawaar Internet Offer Rs. 160 13th September,2022
A1 Weekly Internet Offer Rs. 275 13th September,2022
Lahore Weekly LBC Offer Rs. 120 13th September,2022
Monthly WhatsApp Rs. 60 20th September,2022
Tik tok Bundle Rs. 70 20th September,2022
Weekly Snackvideo Rs. 70 20th September,2022
Super Recharge Rs. 70 20th September,2022
Internet Max Offer Rs. 90 20th September,2022
Weekly Internet Plus Rs. 220 20th September,2022
Youtube Offer Rs. 120 20th September,2022
Best Weekly Offer Rs. 130 20th September,2022
Super Internet Rs. 160 20th September,2022
*Super Minutes Rs. 170 20th September,2022
Super Internet Plus Rs. 549 20th September,2022
Monthly Heavy Offer Rs. 730 20th September,2022

For more information, Please visit or call our helpline number 333.
* You can now get 170 all network minutes with Super Minutes.

  • Terms and conditions apply.
Product New Price (Balance) Effective date
Best Morning Offer Rs. 7 13th September,2022
Social Daily Rs. 7 13th September,2022
Weekly Pakistan Offer Rs. 115 13th September,2022
Daily Heavy Rs. 20 13th September,2022
Daily Pakistan Offer Rs. 21 13th September,2022
Monthly Light Rs. 394.54 13th September,2022
Streaming Offer Rs. 12 13th September,2022
Chalay All Day Offer/Unlimited Lahore Offer Rs. 11.99 13th September,2022
Mahana Pakistan Offer Rs. 460 13th September,2022
Jhang LBC Offer Rs. 5.99 13th September,2022
Daily Karachi Offer Rs. 14.99 13th September,2022
New Karachi LBC Offer Rs. 10.99 13th September,2022
Daily Lahore Offer Rs. 14 13th September,2022
Merged LBC Mera Shaher Offer Rs. 11.99 13th September,2022
Mardan LBC Offer Rs. 5.99 13th September,2022
Swabi LBC Offer Rs. 5.99 13th September,2022
Bahawalpur LBC Rs. 5.99 13th September,2022
Multan Zilla Offer (Daily Recurring) Rs. 10.99 13th September,2022
Pakpattan LBC Offer Rs. 5.99 13th September,2022
Lodhran LBC Offer Rs. 5.99 13th September,2022
Sheikhupura LBC Rs. 9.99 13th September,2022
Kasur LBC Rs. 9.99 13th September,2022
Daily Whatsapp Rs. 1.5 20th September,2022
Mega Internet Rs. 20 20th September,2022
Asli Chappar Phar Offer Rs. 140 20th September,2022
Social Monthly Rs. 75 20th September,2022
Best Call Offer Rs. 7.5 20th September,2022
Power Hour Rs. 8.2 20th September,2022
Special Daily Rs. 8 20th September,2022
Best Day offer Rs. 16 20th September,2022
Daily Off-Peak Plus Rs. 13 20th September,2022
Daily Light Rs. 14 20th September,2022
Beyhisaab Offer / 24 Hours Rs. 15.5 20th September,2022
  • USSD prices are inclusive of tax.
  • Terms of conditions of each product apply.
  • For more details call our helpline at 333.
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