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My Pack Offer
To encourage customers to get their calling circle on Uth Pack and to fulfill their calling needs Uth Pack will have its Flagship Voice offer called the My Pack offer.

Category Uth Pack Tariff
On Net Call PKR 1.30/30 sec
Off net (OMO + PTCL + WLL) PKR 1.30/30 sec
Calls to 5 Onnet Friends and Family Numbers PKR 0.5/30 sec
Calls to 5 Offnet Friends and Family Numbers PKR 0.80 sec
Daily Service Charge None
SMS to Any Network in Pakistan PKR 0.9/SMS
Mobile Internet PKR 4.99/MB
International SMS PKR 5.00 /SMS

All charges are exclusive of taxes.

MY PACK Offer Subscription Dial *3553#
Offer Details All Uth Pack to Uth Pack Calls Free After 1 Minute, Rs. 0.15 paisa inclusive of taxes per call charges will also be charged
Subscription Rs 5.0+tax = 5.98 (inclusive of tax)
Validity 7 Days (Day of subscription included)

All Uth Pack to Uth Pack calls will be free after 1 Minute with the first minute charged at Rs 1.30+tax/30 Seconds plus Rs. 0.15 paisa inclusive of taxes per call charges. This means that customers can talk to other Uth Pack Customers around the clock for the whole hour for just Rs 2.60+tax plus Rs. 0.15 paisa inclusive of taxes per call charges.

The offer subscription charges are Rs 5.0+tax and the offer lasts for 7 days (day of subscription + 6 more days). The offer rate is applicable on Uth Pack to Uth Pack Calls around the clock during the offer subscription period.

This offer is only valid for Uth Pack customers and not applicable on legacy Uth packages.

Helpline and UAN:

Uth Pack has its own helpline with a separate IVR and dedicated Call Center Agents. The helpline is hosted at 335 and 333 for Uth Pack customers. The helpline allows customers to find out their tariff plan, subscribe to SMS and Internet bundles and add FnF numbers directly from its Do It Yourself portal.

This helpline can also be accessed from anywhere by dialing the UAN 111-000-335 with your PTCL area code if dialing from Other Mobile Operators, eg 051-111-000-335 for Islamabad etc.

Standard charges for the helpline, same as regular Ufone helpline will apply.

The helpline accessibility rules are as below:

Uth Pack Customer:

  • Dials 333: Hears new Uth Pack IVR/Helpline.
  • Dials 335: Hears new Uth Pack IVR/Helpline.

Non Uth Pack Ufone Customer:

  • Dials 333: Hears Regular Ufone helpline.
  • Dials 335: Call Barred


  • Dials UAN 111-000-335 with area code: Hears New Uth Pack IVR/Helpline.

One Stop Portal *3335#

In order to give Uth Pack user convenience and ease of use, a single portal is offered that will be a one stop shop for all Uth Pack users, to get Discounts, Mobile Internet and SMS bundles, Voice Offers (MyPack) and Tariff details. To access one stop shop Uth Pack users will simply dial *3335#.