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Ufone Student Club
Studying is more fun with Ufone
Ufone has its customer’s convenience in the forefront of everything we do. That’s why we bring the most valuable offers and services to facilitate our customers in their everyday lives!
This time, yet again, Ufone has a great service in store for U! Introducing the Ufone Student Club! U students can now make the most of your time with this effective and convenient service, through which U will receive everything, related to your studies right on your fingertips.
All U need to do is, send ‘SUB’ to 5631 or dial *563# and get a menu that offers Date Sheets, Results, Vocabulary Builder, Dictionary, Campus Communities, Entry test dates, Entry test preps and much more. To get the complete Student Club menu, send ‘SC’ to 5631 and get the information you require, no matter which class you’re in and which system of education you may follow.
So get cracking on this amazing service and make studying more fun with Ufone Student Club!
Service Description:
i. Exam Preparation: U can receive exam preparatory MCQs via email or SMS as desired. Preparatory material would cover O/A level, SSC, HSSC. To receive exam preparatory material send EP to 5631.
ii. Date Sheet: U will also be able to receive regular and supplementary board exam date sheets emailed to their desired emailed address for O/A level, SSC, HSSC. To receive date sheet send DS to 5631.
iii. Results: With this amazing U will also be able to receive results via SMS. Simply select your desired program from SSC (9th/10th), HSSC (1st yr/2nd yr)] and enter your Roll Number. To view your result via SMS send RS to 5631.
iv. Entry Test Dates: Now also get the Registration Deadline, Test Date and Result Date of various NTS Entry Tests via SMS. Simply send ETD to 5631 and get the entry test dates via SMS.
v. Entry Test Coaching Centers: Do U want to know about the preparatory institutes/ academies near U? Not a problem, just send ETC to 5631 and get the Name, Address and Contact number of preparatory institutes/academies via SMS. Following categories will be covered:
vi.Vocabulary Builder: sharpen your vocabulary. As a subscriber to Ufone student club U will receive 2 words daily along with their meaning and their usage. Meaning in Urdu script will also be sent in the SMS. Send VB to 5631 to use vocabulary builder.
vii.Dictionary: This service also enables U to receive the meaning send of the desired word. Simply send DT to 5631 for using the dictionary.
viii.Student Tips: Receive a tip daily on various topics which include:
Time Management
Social life
Influential Speaking
Stress Management
Maintain a healthy balance between your academic and social life. Keep informed of what tests to take to apply to a foreign university and how to make extra pocket money.
ix.Discount Notifications: U will also be sent discount notifications for different brands, eateries etc. The alerts will cover 6 city options to select and receive discounts from.
 x.Campus Communities: This feature has 2 options:
Group SMS: Create groups, invite other users to join group, join and leave groups, search groups and indulge in Group SMS. To enjoy group chat send CHAT to 5631 to start chatting.
Chat: Now U can chat with other users in pre-defined chat rooms of various colleges, universities. To chat send GROUP to 5631 to send group SMS.
xi.Periodic Quiz Leading to Student Scholarships: Get involved in a student quiz competition based on curricular and extra-curricular questions and win a one year education scholarship from PB. U can also win FAT, digital notebooks, digital dictionaries, cell phones, laptops and much more.
xii.Scholarship Guide: Receive weekly scholarship alert to on your mobile. The alert will constitute of Scholarship name, Scholarship Institute, Apply by date and an Info URL. The alerts will cover both local and international scholarships.
Command Table:

Keyword applicable on 5631





Service Activation


Service Deactivation


Exam Preparation


Date sheet




Vocabulary Builder




Group SMS




Entry Test Dates


Entry Test Coaching Centres


Help Menu


Student Club Main Menu

Vocabulary Builder



Enable Vocabulary Builder


Disable Vocabulary Builder

Student Tips



Enable Student Tips


Disable Student Tips

Scholarship Alerts



Enable Scholarship Alerts


Disable Scholarship Alerts


Edit Scholarship Region

Discount Notifications



Enable Discount Notifications


Disable Discount Notifications


Edit Discount City

Group SMS


CREATE<space>Group Name

To create a group

JOIN<space>Group Name

To join a group

LEAVE<space>Group Name

To leave a group

INVITE<space>Group Name<space>Nickname/Phone Number

To invite someone to a group

MLIST<space>Group Name

To see list of group members

SEARCH<space>Group Name

To search group

SEND<space>Group Name<space>message

To send msg to a group


Group SMS Help



CHAT<space>Chatroom name

To chat


To see chatrooms list

NICK<space>your nick

To create profile


To edit profile

BLOCK<space>User Nick

To block user

UNBLOCK<space>User Nick

To Unblock user


Chat Help


To see members list of a chatroom

ADD<space>User's Nick

To add user to a chatroom

CSEARCH<space>User’s Nick

To search user

Nick of someone in room<space>msg

For 1-to-1 chat


To exit a chatroom



Subscription charges are Rs 2.5+t/week
Browsing and Navigation charges via SMS are Rs 0.10/SMS
The Results feature will be charged @ Rs 5+t/result
To unsubscribe, send ‘UNSUB’ to 5631
Terms & Conditions:
Subscribers of the service can browse any feature of the service as many times as desired after they subscribe to the service.
The service is available on all kinds of handsets
The service is available to all Ufone customers
Ufone will not be responsible for the content of the results and preparatory material