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Kaun Hai

Ufone introduces “Kaun Hai”, an innovative wireless caller identification service. With this service, users can now identify the person calling their phone before answering the incoming call. By subscribing to “Kaun Hai”, users will receive a flash notification message on their screen with the caller’s name, preceding the call. Stay safe and aware with Kaun Hai by dialing *406# for Prepaid Rs.2.6 (tax incl.) / day and For Postpaid Charges Rs.2.17 +tax/day.

In line of Ufone’s commitment to launch services that creates continuous value and benefit for customers. A unique service that identifies incoming caller’s name for the subscribed users.

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  • Subscription Code: USSD: *406#
  • Un-subscription Code: USSD: *406#
  • Usage Code: *406#
  • USSD: *406#
  • The service is recursive and will be renewed automatically every day.


  • Charges: Rs 2.6 (tax incl) / day
  • Charging Cycle: Daily
  • Subscription type: Auto renewal


  • Charges: Rs 2.17 + tax / day
  • Charging Cycle: Monthly
  • Charging mode: upfront
  • Subscription type: Auto renewal

Other Details:

  • Usage will be FOC
  • Un-subscription will be FOC

In the era of technology and innovation Ufone presents Kaun Hai service which allows customer to identify any calling number, before picking up the call. The service utilizes its global database to identify caller ID (name) of incoming calls for the subscriber. The service is most helpful when number of the incoming call is not known, receiver using the service will have an idea of who is calling. Some of the highlights of the service are as below:

  • The service does not require installation of any application on handset
  • It works on both smart and non-smart phone handsets
  • No data or internet connection required for the service to work
  • Once user is subscribed they get a flash message on their screen before every incoming calls displaying name of the callers
  • Service can subscription, un-subscription and use features via USSD *406#
  • User can also SMS on short code 3404 to subscribe and un-subscribe and on 3405 to use
  • In case of non-subscriber user will be subscribed to service when they dial *406#
  • Subscription will be FOC i.e. charges will be applicable from next day of subscription
  • Service will be available for both Prepaid and Post-paid subscribers
  • User will receive confirmation on activation, deactivation and upon usage
  • In case incoming caller is not identified (not available in database) no message will be displayed
  • There are no limitation on the number of calls/messages that can be received
  • Service will also have features to manually update main database
  • Service can be deactivate by the sending an SMS “unsub” to 3404 or by dialling USSD *406#Subscriber will see 1. Features 2. Unsubscribe. Following are the details of features:
    • Modify your name
    • Add to service
    • Remove from service
  • This service is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers
  • Data used to display name is from global database and not from Ufone’s customer database
  • Flash message display behavior depends on handset type and can vary accordingly
  • User will be subscribed to service upon dialing USSD
  • No information will be given in case incoming caller’s data is not available
  • Service does not take data from users address book
  • Data is not sourced from any Ufone database
  • No information given to Ufone as operator by customer at any stage is used for functioning of this service
  • User can change their number using the service
  • Non-subscriber can have their details modified by calling Ufone helpline
  • Upon your subscription to Kaun Hai Service, user understands and acknowledges that the service will look up for the relevant numbers in the crowded database and Ufone shall not assume any liability for any error or inaccuracies in the content or non-availability of certain information
Contact Us
  • Helpline (From Ufone): 333
  • Tel: 033-11-333-100
  • Email: customercare@ufone.com
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