Celebrating 15 Years of success with U!

Today, on the occasion of Ufone's 15th anniversary, we stand as proud as Ufone Tower dominating the Islamabad skyline.

15 years of ceaseless effort, perseverance and a special focus on the needs of our customers have propelled Ufone to the position of immense strength it enjoys in the industry today. Through this journey of unparalleled success, Ufone has become synonymous with quality and innovation; with exceptional customer service and with reliability, but the one thing all our customers know us for is our unique ability to make them smile with our hilarious television commercials.

Last year, we launched an anniversary song to take our customers on a nostalgic trip down memory road to some of our greatest hits. Very well received by the audience, tribute song referenced some of the funniest commercials ever to air on Pakistani television. This year, we're getting ready to re-launch the song on popular demand to once again remind audiences that all we care about is the smile on their face. That's what we mean when we say its all about U!

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