Bano Achai Ki Misaal

In line with its tradition to encourage the acts of philanthropy in the society, this Ramzan, Ufone has brought to light more initiatives by the people who have made it their duty to bring betterment to the lives of the inopportune.

This year’s Campaign ‘Bano Achai ki Misaal’ will be the third version of its kind to run. This too will be a series spread through the three ushras of Ramzan, like the last 2 years.

Dr. Amjad Saqib

In the first story, featuring Dr. Amjad Saqib’s initiative, the campaign details how, through a small amount of loan, he created a ripple effect, not to benefit from, but to provide benefits to the misfortunate in the society – thereby creating a difference in people’s lives.

Watch here:

Ms. Farzana Shoaib

Our community is one of the most important assets to Ufone, and we make sure to acknowledge those who are giving back to society in the best ways possible. We are proud to announce the second story for the Ramzan campaign, ‘Bano Achai Ki Misaal’ featuring Ms. Farzana Shoaib, the founder of Bint-e-Fatima Old Home.

Watch, like and share the Achai Ki Misaal Ms. Farzana Shoaib who provides a comfortable shelter to elderly and battered women in her own home.

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For Ufone "tum hi toh ho" is an anthem and we believe that the people of Pakistan are our main assets. In line with this belief, Ufone has successfully run its campaign Bano Achai Ki Misaal for three consecutive years, bringing to light the efforts of those who have made a difference in the society by their little acts of goodness. This year's campaign was also run over the three ashras of Ramzan, with the last segment being a combination of the stories of all local heroes who had previously been featured.

Watch the third TVC from the series and witness Achai Ki Misaal of people from all walks of life, to get inspired to make a difference in your own community.

Watch here:

More About The Heroes Of Bano Achai Ki Misaal:

The efforts of the local heroes that Ufone features in its stories do not only work in one field of philanthropy. The campaign brings to you stories about fighting hunger in a country where most of the population lives below the poverty line; it highlights the efforts of an ordinary old home facility which has become the safe haven of countless women who would otherwise have nowhere to go; it shares an initiative which has provided warmth in the form of donated clothes to the poor; it shares the happiness of poor children on receiving presents on Eid; and it also brings to light the bravery of women who set up their own tailoring businesses with the help of qarz-e-hasn.

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