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Dear Customers: To ensure a high level of service satisfaction, from the 18th of March 2014 charges for Ufone Collect Call Service are being revised from Rs. 3.50+tax per week to Rs. 0.50+tax per day.
Ufone Collect Call
Ufone for the First Time in Pakistan offers Collect Call service; a very useful service with which you can make calls even when you don’t wish to pay for them or if you are out of balance.
So you no longer require to give missed calls or wait for balance, as the person who you call will pay the call charges.
How to Use:
Making a collect call is simple:
Dial 11 followed by the desired Ufone number. e.g. 1103335199942
Dial *111#, reply with the number you want to call
Collect Call Subscription
You can subscribe to collect call through four simple options.
Dial *111#
Dial 11 followed by a Ufone number and press 1 to confirm your subscription
Dial 901 and subscribe to Collect Call by pressing 1
SMS “SUB” to 3213 (free of cost)
To unsubscribe the service, SMS Unsub to 3213.
Collect Call FnF Feature
You can also have Friends and Family numbers on Collect Call service. Just add your Friends and family to your list, so they can call you whenever they want without worrying about their balance. Once you build Collect Call FnF list those callers will get connected directly without waiting for confirmation.
To add a Ufone number to your Collect Call FnF : Dial 901 and press 1 to build your FNF list.
Subscription at Rs. 0.50 + tax /day
Charges for 901 Rs.0.50+Tax per minute
No additional charges to add/remove the numbers in Collect Call FnF List
All SMS sent to 3213 are free of cost
Collect Call Block option
You can also control who calls you using Collcet Call by simply using the following keywords:
SMS following keywords to 900:
BR ALL    Block all collect call requests.
UN ALL Unblock all collect call requests
BR To block a specific number
UN To unblock a specific number
BR LIST To get the list of Barred numbers

Terms & Conditions
Call will be charged to B party as per regular package plan, if connected
Both Post-Pay & Prepaid users can initiate collect call request
Both Post-Pay & Prepaid users can receive collect call request
If B party’s outgoing calls are barred (Post-Pay) then A party will be informed accordingly & collect call request will not be initiated.
Postpaid users will not be able to initiate Ufone Collect Call if their outgoing calls are barred
Prepaid subs will be able to initiate a Collect Call request even if they have zero credit in their account, as long as they are subscribed
Whenever somebody from your Collect Call FnF list calls you, they will hear the recorded message: “Your call will be connected shortly” and this call will be connected immediately without consent from B party