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Facebook Mobile Alerts
Ufone subscribers can now:
Update their Facebook status.
Subscribe to friend’s status updates and reply to status updates.
Send & Receive a message to and from a friend.
Post a message on friend’s wall or receive wall messages from friends.
Add a friend.
Find email address of a friend.
Find information of a friend.
Poke a friend.
Undo status changes.
Receive De-activate/Re-activate notifications on mobile handsets.
Upload pictures on Facebook from mobile handset.
Registration Process:
To activate Facebook functionality on mobile handset, user will be required to login to the following link:
Once logged in user will be required to click Account menu and select Account Settings from the drop down list as shown below:
Next user will click Mobile tab as shown above. To register follow a simple three step process:
Users will click Register to Facebook Text Messages. Ufone users will be required to select “Pakistan” as country and “Ufone” as carrier and click next.
User will be asked to send “f” to 32665 from their mobile handset to get confirmation code. The letter “f” needs to be sent without quotes.
Enter confirmation code in the opened dialog box and click confirm. User will then be directed to the notification setup page and will receive a confirmation about their Facebook Text Messages activation feature.
On this page users can edit all notification settings e.g. what kind of notifications to receive, what should be the time of notification, number of notifications to be received, etc. To save settings users will be required to click Save Preferences button.
Users can also add multiple phone numbers to a single profile or remove existing phone numbers; however notifications will only be sent to a single number.
Complete list of Facebook functionalities is mentioned below:
To update Facebook status:
To Undo Status Change:
To send Message to a Friend:
To write on Friend’s Wall:
To Poke a Friend:
To Subscribe to a Friend’s Status Update:
To Un-subscribe to a Friend’s Status Update:
To search for Friend’s Information:
To Add a Friend:
To find a Friend’s E-mail:
To get Help on list of commands:
To De-activate Notifications:
To Re-Activate Notifications:
Reply to Notifications:
Ufone users can also reply to notifications they receive. Following is a detailed list and format of notifications received on user handsets.
Poke notification:
Message notification:
Wall notification:
Add Friend notification:
Photo-tag notification:
Photo comment notification:
Picture Upload through MMS:
Ufone users can now also upload their pictures straight from their handset on to their facebook profile. To upload a picture user will be required to login to the below link and get their unique email address.
Once a user is logged in they will get their unique Facebook-MMS Email ID as shown below. They can find the Email ID under Upload via Email heading. For example purposes only, the Email ID for the logged in account whose snapshot is attached  is:
Or users can simply click “Send my upload email to me now” link under Upload via Email heading and then can receive their unique Facebook-MMS Email ID on their email or mobile handset.
To upload a picture from mobile, user will only be required to MMS their picture to the provided Facebook-MMS Email ID and their uploaded picture will appear on their Facebook under Mobile Upload album.
All SMS sent to 32665 will be charged Re 1 plus tax.
All notifications received are free of charge.
Picture upload charges are as per MMS standard i.e. Rs 5 plus tax/64KB
For GPRS access, standard GPRS charges apply