Mobile Internet / GPRS
Want to surf the internet and send picture messages?
With technology coming to the forefront, the mobile phone has become much more than a voice communication device. Now, not only are you available to the world, your virtual world is available to you! There are two unique ways in which the world can be accessed through your phone, one bit at a time!
General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) offer 'always-on', higher capacity, Internet-based content and packet-based data services. Ufone GPRS enables services such as Internet browsing, e-mail on the move, powerful visual communications, multimedia messages and location-based services.

Ufone GPRS offers complete solutions through which you can always stay online and connected.

Internet Access:
With Ufone GPRS, you can enjoy a better mobile Internet experience, with access to graphically rich content with sound and animation, as well as better applications that slower bandwidths couldn't handle. So you can easily check your e-mails, chat with your friends and browse on the internet as much as you want.

Ufone GPRS lets you chat with your friends and loved ones over great services like MSN, Yahoo, AOL and ICQ.

You can also download your chat application over GPRS and start chatting even if the application isn’t pre-installed on your handset.

Top executives and Managers are faced with the ever increasing requirement for mobile voice as well as anytime, anywhere access to corporate resources, regardless of the access device. GPRS gives that essential advantage to the people who value their time.

Email Access – You can send / receive your emails without waiting to get to your office.
Access Files Remotely – You can access your office files from anywhere.
Office Freedom – You can work the same way as you would work in your office.
No dialups, no delays and no busy tones at all.

GPRS can be used via:
Mobile + Laptop
Using infrared link
Using data cable
Radio Card

How does GPRS work?
Following are the pre requisites to utilize pocket stocks on your handset;
GPRS compatible handset
Subscription to Ufone GPRS service
GPRS settings for handset

To subscribe for Ufone GPRS, visit your nearest Ufone Sales & Customer Service Center.

Handset Settings:
You can get MMS & GPRS settings for your handset by;
Sending your phone’s model number in an SMS to 222
Example: P910i or 6600 or razr v3
Or by calling/visiting our Customer Services Centers. To call from your Ufone connection simply dial 333. To call from a PTCL landline, dial 111-333-100.

Usage Charges:
GPRS usage: Rs. 15+tax per 1MB
GPRS and MMS activation is FREE for all Prepay and Postpay users.