My Ufone Account Services
Wish to customize your web experience?
Now you can create you very own account on Ufone’s website and get access to a host of web based products that let you send messages to your groups, schedule important meetings, access emails through SMS, or even create your own email address on
Address Book:
The Address Book gives you flexibility to maintain groups of addresses that let you send one message to a whole group of people.

How does Address Book work?
To create a new group, click on ‘create group’.
You can add or delete contacts in the group by clicking on the group name.
Once you have typed your desired message you can send it to a whole group by pressing ‘Send’, or just to an individual in the group by clicking on the group name and selecting the individual contact.
The Calendar lets you schedule your days by arranging your important meetings, and setting alerts to get reminded of your commitments no matter where you are.
Email Address:
Ufone’s Email Address lets you create your very own e-mail account with Ufone. This email account has the same ID as your GSM number (for example: Receive mails from friends directly to your Ufone account.

Note: This mailing address will work if customer is subscriber of our Info Services.