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Messaging Services
Ufone’s Messaging service gives you...
...the chance to explore new avenues of connectivity. So remain in touch through any medium you can imagine, you no longer have to worry about where when and how to keep in touch with your loved ones.
Simply pick up a Ufone number or log onto our website and keep in touch with who ever you like across the globe.
Web to SMS Chat
With Web to SMS you can now chat around the world with any Ufone subscriber.

What are the requirements for Web to SMS Chat?
All you have to do is visit Ufone’s website at and visit our WEB to SMS Chat. A chat applet will pop up.

How does Web to SMS Chat work?

To start the chat session;
Type a nick & click Connect
Enter the Ufone number of the person you wish to chat with
Type your message in the message box and click Send
Your Ufone friend can reply to this message through SMS and you will receive his /her message on your computer screen
Web 2 SMS Chat
Activation/ Usage Charges:
Messages will be charged on replying from mobile number Rs1.50

Note: Ufone recipient has to reply with"y" first to chat.
For the first time in Pakistan, you can send and receive SMS between Ufone & PTCL landline phones.

What are the requirements for PTCL SMS?
All that’s required by a PTCL subscriber is a CLI activated PTCL number and an SMS enabled telephone set. Our PTCL Help Line is 111-767-669.

Activation/ Usage Charges:
Outgoing messages are charged at Rs. 1 per SMS.
Now Ufone subscribers can chat LIVE via SMS on the World Call cable network: this facility allows you to make new friends every day, participate in various other segments and move the world according to your preference – you can chat with the people of your city on LIVE television, request for your favorite Urdu and English video songs, play games, request for your horoscope and much more – all this by just sending an SMS.

Expand your chat experience by sharing pictures (using MMS) while chatting on TV, or show others how good a photographer you are with your mobile camera!
International SMS
Now you can SMS anyone, anywhere around the world. To get a complete list of countries you can send an SMS to, you can download the complete list of countries along with the services we offer in region of your interest.
Download the complete list.
Activation/ Usage Charges:
Outgoing messages are charged at Rs. 2.50+tax per SMS.