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U-Block Service
Now enjoy the freedom to control the calls and SMS you receive! With UBlock, U can block all those obnoxious callers that keep disturbing you. Simply SMS the obnoxious number to 420 and block all unwanted SMS and Calls at the same time.
How to subscribe:
Go to write message and type sub, and send to 420
Block / Unblock:
To Block SMS and Calls, go to write message and type blockNumber and send to 420 Example block 03331234567 block 03001234567 block 0511234567 block 0012134567890
To Unblock SMS and Call from a number added to your blacklist, SMS unblockNumber to 420 Example unblock 03331234567 unblock 03001234567 unblock 0511234567 unblock 001234567890
Blacklist / Help Menu:
To retrieve the Black list, SMS list to 420
SMS Help or H to 420 for Help Menu and further instructions to use U-Block Service
How to unsubscribe:
Go to write message and type unsub, and send to 420
Prepaid Charges:
Subscription: Rs.3.75+Tax/Week
Every SMS on 420 will be charged Re.1+Tax
Postpid Charges:
U-Block monthly rental charges 15+ tax.
420 IVR charges at 10 paisa/min.
Terms and Conditions:
Service is available for both Pre-Paid and Post-Pay customers.
Both SMS and Calls will be blocked once number is added to the backlist.
Twenty On-Net and Off-Net Numbers can be added to the Black list, if you intend to add more numbers you will have to unblock old numbers followed by blocking new/more numbers.
One number can be blocked and unblocked in one SMS. It is important to follow the commands listed above only.
In case you opt out of the service by sending unsub to 420 your Blacklist will be removed from U-Block.
U-Block service will be unavailable during festive events such as EID, 14th August etc