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With Ufone Baat Cheet Service, you can have one-on-one discussions on your topics of interest with people all around Pakistan.
SUBSCRIBE to Baat Cheet Service by scanning the above code with Barcode or QR reader in your mobile phone. Don’t have a QR Reader? Download free QR reader from your phone’s app store or search Google for a free version compatible with your handset.
Note: Your number will not be displayed to the person you are chatting with on Ufone Baat Cheet Service. You can only chat with one person at one time, to chat with other people, cancel your current chat by sending SMS “Stop” to 4949
How to subscribe to Baat Cheet Service:
SMS SUB to 4949 for only Rs. 0.10 + tax / SMS
Subscription charges for Prepaid are Rs 2.50+tax/week and for Postpaid Rs. 10+tax/week.
Baat Cheet Categories:
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