Dear Postpaid Customers, effective from March 14th, 2014, the fair usage policy for the "Blackberry" package, is 2 GB.
For first time in Pakistan, Watch TV on your BlackBerry®
As the uncontested leader of everything BlackBerry®, Ufone is proud to bring U another addition to its exclusive BlackBerry® services. Now with UMobileTV, BlackBerry® solutions by Ufone are not only about communication and business but nonstop infotainment as well! As our BlackBerry® customers U can enjoy your favorite TV programs with UMobileTV, as we bring some of the most popular TV channels right to your BlackBerry® smartphones.
TV channels available:
UMobileTV Application:
Download UMobileTV application from
The application will automatically update whenever a newer version is made available. If a newer version has been made available, users will not be able to use the application until the newer version is downloaded and installed.
Download the application now and get a 1 day free subscription trial. At the expiry of the trial you will automatically be subscribed to the service. your subscription will be renewed automatically every month.
Rs. 100 + tax per month.  
Please note that this service is only available on BlackBerry® smartphones running on OS 4.6 or higher.
Supported BlackBerry handset models are:
Curve 8520
Curve 8900
Curve 9300
Bold 9000
Bold 9700
Bold 9780
Torch 9800
To unsubscribe from the service, call 333 log a un-subscription request. Un-subscription requests will be entertained within 48 hours. Free trial offer can only be utilized once and will only be made available for 1 day from the first installation and use of application. Reinstalling the application will not entitle users for a new trial.
Following FAQs Section has also been added to the application to guide users:

Terms of use:
By using UMobileTV, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below: