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Ufone welcomes Wasim Akram back on board!
Wasim Akram, international cricket legend, ...

...world famous celebrity, is one of the greatest heroes of Pakistan. He was part of the team when Ufone was launched, and although he went away for a while, he is back, and this time for good!

To mark the renewal of Wasim's partnership with Ufone, Ufone welcomes and urges all of U to join him to be a part of the Ufone family. If you are a victim of another network, Ufone is calling out to U to break the shackles and opt for the best. What U deserve, is nothing short of the best and the most comfortable experience. And that's exactly what Ufone brings you with crystal clear voice clarity, instant connectivity, best coverage and best in class rates.

So bring your existing number to Ufone by dialing 033 1236 1236 and get out of the painful grasp of your existing network.