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668 SIM Information System
Keeping your security as a priority, Pakistan Telecom Authority has introduced a system whereby you can find the number of SIMs of each mobile operator registered under your name. Just follow the simple steps below:

  • SMS your CNIC number (13 digits, with no spaces of dashes) to 668 from your mobile.
  • PTA will immediately send you an SMS telling you the number of active SIMs of any operator issued in your name
  • On receiving the SMS, if there are any unexpected SIMs in your name, contact the nearest Customer Service Center of the relevant mobile operator with your original CNIC and mobile phone. You can fill out PTA’s prescribed form and get all unwanted numbers removed from your name within 48 hours of the receipt of the complaint.

Since this service is exclusively available over SMS to 668, Customer Services will not be able to share the list of numbers registered against your CNIC with customers. After you file your complaint, your 668 status/SIM information will be updated within 45 days of receipt of the complaint.

Instructions for overseas customers:

  • Download the 668-complaint format from the Ufone website & print it.
  • Fill up the 668-complaint form by writing down your CNIC number and the mobile numbers you own, sign the form in the end.
  • Scan the 668-complaint form as well as both sides of NICOP (National Identity card for overseas Pakistanis) and your passport.
  • Email all scanned copies (completed 668 form, both sides of NICOP and Passport) to the dedicated email address ufoneoverseas668@ufone.com
  • The complaints received at this email address will be evaluated/ verified for completion of documentary requirement, if found complete, the mobile numbers found in addition to the ones declared on 668-form, will be removed from the customer's name within 24 hours of the complaint verification. However the same will be updated on 668 database in 45 days time after the receipt of a valid complaint at Ufone.
  • In case the documentary requirement is found to be incomplete a regret email highlighting the missing document will be sent to the customer accordingly
  • For customers residing in UK and not having a NICOP, will be required to email the scanned copy of their Pakistani CNIC along with the copy of their British Passport.

Overseas 668 - Complaint Format Froms: